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as of right now i keep checking my grades online on backboard and the professor hasn't put in our grades for our journals yet. i am rather dumbfounded at why she hasn't done it yet. is it so bad she doesn't want to post it or what? i'll be honest, i am getting a 73 in the class right now and i have to get a 75 or higher. it's an upper division class and i have to get the 75 in order to graduate this may. or i will be in school until december of 09, that means 7 years in college.

in other news, nicole is still in the hospital and i think she DID have a HEART ATTACK. her pulse was something like 101 and her blood pressure was 71 over 21. so so bad. she is still in intensive care and hoping and crossing fingers she gets released tomorrow. they are supposed to go to the Meddtierrean for 3 weeks and as of right now it's probably off. what is she going to do with all the deposits? hmm.
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