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well the midterm went alright and for the rest of the day i am going to relax. there were 25 short answers and i only missed 1 because i left it blank. he did sat though he was going to give us two extra points. yay! i have 3 papers due this week and i have no freakin clue what to do on 2 of them. shit. for lunch we are going to popeyes', yummy..

this afternoon i went to get my pedicure done and i hated the asians talking in their language to each other and i couldn't even understand them. how annoying, i hope that they weren't saying bad things about me. After the pedicure i went to starbucks and ordered myself a grande toffee nut latte. INVENTION EVER!

tonight is school work.

did i mention i am missing my 4pm class today because my professor thinks i'm gone up north. lol. let's just hope it doesn't bite me in the ass.
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