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papers D.O.N.E.

yay!! all of my papers are is e-mailed to the professor and the reflection paper is going to be turned in around 1. i'm so happy they are all finished. thank god. now it's time to start reading everything i missed for my classes because this is all i have been working on for the past couple of days and it didn't help i went to san jose either.

i'm happy.

go phillies!!

the Red Sox won the game, unfuckinbelieveable. i can't believe the rays let this one go when they were winning 7 to 0. it's all because the pitchers threw to ortiz and drew at the end of the game. i hope they have learned there lesson for the next game not to pitch to these players if the score is 7 to 5 or up or down bytwo runs. this is bullshit. i hope they can clinch on their home turf like everyone says they will.
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