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well i am kinda upset. my friend Kim contacted me a couple of weeks ago and said she wanted to meet up and she has yet to contact me on myspace or cell phone. i sent her like 5 messages while she was in Thailand and she never contacted me back. is this the end of the friendship? i think it may be. if contact somebody and want to meet up. freakin meet up. and if you can't expain that you don't want to or can't stand the person, really? i can't stand it.

i <3 shane victorino, he's outfield for the phillies and he's freakin hot.

today has been a lazy day, i haven't done any work today, i think i should get on it.

i miss having friends that actually talk to you when you want to be talked to. i feel like i'm invisible sometimes and it really hurts.


the journal xo_love_pink_xo is over. it didn't sound good to me and i want a new journal and only SPECIAL people get invited. and, this journal maybe over also. it just depends on my mood.
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