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yesterday i spent a couple of hours at starbucks and i found that more Hispanics go to starbucks on sunday and saturdays than whites in my neighborhood. interesting, right? i also found that more Hispanics order Frappacinos than any other drink. my paper is going to be very interesting to say the least. i have also been reading a book called "orientals" and just the title is mean. very derogatroy. the book ais very dry but it's full of information. it's like every page you can find something that is important and it's full of facts. it's like i have to remember everything i read.

tonight is rally monday at angel stadium and looks like it might rain. it has been raining here this morning. when i went to school it was sunny with a few clouds and while in class it rained again. crazy weather. so right now i am writing this entry and listening to my NEW ipod, couldn't get any better. i am also thinking about getting a new laptop, gateway and probably 13". i want it for school and i really hope i get it. i have to convince the parents that i need it though. wish me luck.
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