Princess Vanessa (redryder23) wrote,
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today was the first day of the angels offseason and it was rather tragic. i still cannot believe the angels are out of the race.

in other news, i received my essay i turned in last thursday and i didn't do as well as i should have. i am feeling rather bummed about it. but the grade really knocked down and it sucks. shit.

doing school work for the rest of the night. oh yay, she says sarcastically.

As of earlier today my sister-in-law is in the hosptial. she was thorwing up and had diarrhea and her blood pressure was 71/21. she was speaking and alert. the ER in san jose said people who have a blood pressure like that usually are not speaking and are unable to talk. OMG, i don't know what to say at this moment, except i hope we are able to go up there on friday and see her and make sure she is OK.
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